Friday, December 12, 2008

We Water Plants on Friday

Hey William,

I was so happy to get your message. You are such a clever elephant sending it to me. It was nice of them shutting you in a computer room so you could get your note to me on this bloggy. I really really hope that Graeme gets there very soon so you are not all alone too long. And William, do not unplug anything in that room. I am sure it is all very 'portant stuff in there so don't do anything naughty.

Today is the day Laura Jayne waters her plants in her office. Every Friday
she says it is what we do so the plants don't get thirsty. I told Laura Jayne this was something an elephant could be very good at. I put my trunk in the water snuffled lots up and then watered the plants that needed water.

Tomorrow Laura Jayne said she is going to a party, all the people that I have met here at the office are going. Laura Jayne said elephants can't go to this restaurant, but that she would take me shopping with her tomorrow for new shoes for the party. That sounds like fun and I might try on some shoes too.

Well I have to go water one more plant so it isn't thirsty. Taking care of things is a big sponsibility. Laura Jayne said I was a big enough elephant to water the plants for her here at her office and that made me proud.



Simply Heather said...

Absolutely adorable, Laura Jayne. Following this one will be like a nourishment for the child in me :o). You're so creative (yes, a happy dance).

Simply Heather said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how nice it must be to have a little reminder of watering your plants. Maybe I need a Martha :o)