Thursday, December 11, 2008

as I write this, it is day 10 of my trip and the view is no better than it was when I first left - I'm not sure I believe this is the first class Laura promised, the padding is comfortable, but the windows don't open and there hasn't been a single stewardess the whole flight - but still, I have my peanuts and my photo of you - cant see it in the dark, but I know its of you... I have only peanut bag wrappers to write on, and a peanut barely leaves a legible mark, but I just had to write...

Graeme was due to be here today, I know I arrived because I heard someone say "Looks special, better lock it in his computer room" and then it went all cold and windy and darker and a door went BANG. You told me to stay quiet and not say anything to anyone - I know I don't have a passport - but Martha - I was supposed to jump out and surprise him, and he's NOT HERE.

I cant believe he would miss a day of work- he better have a damn good excuse or I will get grumpy - you know what I'm like when I'm grumpy.... there better be peanuts at the end of this!

If this is 10 days, it must be Thursday.... and I have 3 peanuts left... GRAEME WHERE ARE YOU.

Martha, my wee phone has a camera - here is the view from first class... wish you were here???

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