Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Ok, so its not quite for you yet, but we are already so far into 2009 we can talk about "last year" and mean it!

We went out and about today, but the rest of Aberdeen seemed to be heading to some big party, we had the entire bus to ourselves - even enough space for an elephant to get a seat to himself - here's me looking at a lovely restaurant, but the hint wasnt taken... sigh, beans on toast again tonight then.

Hogmanay over here is very very noisy. Some fireworks go up, and then they are completly drowned out by the noise of the ships in the harbour who all sound their horns - Hooooot Hooooot Blaaaasssst - this goes on for ages and nothing else can be heard, they are over a mile away, its noisy and beautiful.

Graeme said that the first foot over your doorstep in Scotland has to be tall, dark and handsome - well, what is taller and darker than a Blue Elephant? And Handsome - I think the evidence speaks for itself - so I got to be the first footer for his family this year - I hope I bring them luck, as I couldnt bring them coal or shortie or even a wee nip of whisky, but I did bring in the Broons and Oor Wullie (no, dont ask me).. I also brought his Mum in with me..

In 8 hours, Happy New Year everyone over there! - Hae a Braw Year A'body

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Nice Day

Hi William,

We had a fun day yesterday. I know it is dark and grey in Scotland. But it is bright and sunny here in California.

It did rain some on Christmas Eve and that left the prettiest snow on the mountains that hasn't melted yet. It was cool today so I got to wear my new scarf when we went out.

We went to the movies and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I really liked the movie. It was about a man who is born really really old and grows younger and younger as every year goes by. It was happy and sad... and made me cry just a little. But in a good way.

After the movie we went shopping for shoes for Hubby. He needed new tennis shoes. I tried on a pair too. They were a much better fit then the other shoes but still a little big. You would think that they would make shoes that fit an elephant.

We also went shopping for new snowboarding boots for Matthew (Laura Jayne's son). I tried on the prettiest pink snow googles. I will be ready when we go up to the mountains where the snow is.

After all that shopping we were all hungry and went and had sushi. Do you know that sushi is another word for raw fish? I didn't until the very nice man put the plate of raw fish down in front of us. I decided just to eat the little beany thingies.

It was a really nice day William.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day in the Dark!

Merry Christmas Martha!

We went out into the darkness on Christmas day and down to the bay to listen to the waves as the tide came in. Aberdeen is totally grey just now, day or night, and the sun only peeks out for a few hours a day, which just makes the grey lighter or darker.

They say people here never look up because theres no point - Graeme says it always looks like a computer game on a slow computer - no time to fill in the details in the sky.

Anyway, we sat for a while in the dark listening to the sea and the birds cawing as they settled down for the night.
So Dark only the lighthouse could be seen

The lighthouse lit me up so you can see me!

Elephants cant swim, or "Poor wee bugger will get drookit" as they say here, so we went through the compulsory life saving drill first before going along the shore.

Further along the shore we found this spooky old building and he wondered off and came back and told me to get the camera ready as the Ghosts were going to give Martha a Christmas greeting- then your name appeared in the air.

Yikes! Graeme Says its Okay, these are the Ghosts of Christmas Presents, so dont be scared (I was brave - only hid a little)

Time for bed Martha!! x

Merry and Happy

Merry Christmas William!!

I had a really fun time at Christmas this year. We did go over to Sara's house on Christmas Eve
and I got to help Laura Jayne cook dinner. We had lasagna with red sauce that had spicy sausage in it. And lasagna with lots of fishes in it. There was white fishes, and pink fishes, and some weird things that didn't look like fishes at all and had claws. I was really careful with the knife when I cut up the onions, but then I started crying and I wasn't even sad. All the food was yummy even with mushrooms and olives and fishes inside.

Before we ate dinner I got to play with Hannah and Emma. They are great new friends now and I had such a bunch of fun playing. They have lots and lots of toys and fun stuff to play with.

I also got to help Laura Jayne's momma visit bloggies. We wrote on the bloggies. I got to help when words got spelled wrong and to tell her what bloggies Laura Jayne has made posts on so she could go and say nice things. Laura Jayne's momma likes to write as much as Laura Jayne.

This is Laura Jayne, Hubby and me after eating all that lasagna. We all were so very full and happy and merry. I like a Merry Christmas that is actually merry. Because merry means that no one cried except over onions and no one got into a fight except when someone picked all the mushrooms out of the lasagna and sighed, but Laura Jayne was only a smidgey upset about that and when she came back inside everybody laughed and smiled again.

Christmas morning we made breakfast at home and all the kids, Matthew, Aimee, Jessica and Mitch all were there at the table and ate pancakes and lots of other yummy breakfast stuff. Then we went into the living room to open presents. Look William I got the prettiest new scarf. It makes me think of you because it is the same colors as the flag of Scotland. Laura Jayne made it for me herself. Those are the best present, ones people make for you.

These are the kids opening their present and the boy that is Jessica's friend. Paper was flying all over as all the presents got opened. Everyone was happy and merry.

Laura Jayne got a new pink robe and we laughed because now she looks just like me.
So I am happy and merry and love my new scarf and miss you. I loved getting your message and pictures. Graeme is lucky that you are making sure he gets happy and healthy. And I am so proud that you are being smart at Graeme's work and helping solve computer problems.

I hope you are having fun in Aberdeen by the sea visiting Graeme's momma and dad.

Love and huggles,

Thursday, December 25, 2008


FREEDOM! Release from the padded prison of 1st class air travel (Laura - I will stomp on you!)

My first task was to catch up on you Martha... I snuck onto one of the dozens of half working computers that fill this room and went looking for you - I cant help but notice that 1st class air travel for you seemed slightly different than for me.
I miss you... even though I can see you are happy.

This is Sparrow, Graemes wee computer, its perfect sized for tiny elephant feet but big enough so that I can hide behind it when he turns round to do some work.

He says I am quite the saddest elephant he has ever seen, but then I dont know how many elephants he sees every day, certainly there do not seem to be many in the cars when we drive to work.

Marth, there is a lot to do to fix his broken spirit, I've started with the boot camp approach, get him up early in the morning, make sure he exercises, stop him lazing around.
If he tries and hit the snoozes button, he gets a tusk in his hand as a gentle reminder...

When he is watching TV at night, I sneak up and change it to the Gaelic channel, and that gets him so wound up he goes out for a walk -perfect!

Then he often leaves without picking me up, so I sneak into his backpack.. you would think that people in his office would notice, wouldnt you ? Maybe carrying an elephant on your back is the new fashion?

I have also become a bit of a computer expert in my spare time while Graeme is in meetings. This is me diagnosing the congestion on the internet link - I suggested getting a bigger trunk, but they just said "typical elephant" - what do they mean???

We are leaving for Christmas at his parents now, I will write again soon - Love you Martha.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Ready

Hi William,

It is almost time for Christmas. I am very excited. I helped decorate the tree this year. Aren't all the ornaments pretty? Laura Jayne and Hubby finally finished all their shopping. There is even a wee present under the tree for me. I so wonder what it is, but I didn't peak.

Are you having lots of fun there? Is it very, very, very cold? I know you and Graeme are busy and going to Graeme mum and dad's house for Christmas. They live by the sea Laura Jayne said. California is by the sea, Scotland is by the sea. See we are just a little bit of water apart.

We will be going to Laura Jayne's sister Sara's house on Christmas Eve. Do you remember Sara, she was very nice and is now my friend after we went to Arizona together? I get to help make
the lasagna for the dinner. I don't know why it is tradition to make lasagna on Christmas Eve, but it is so we have to. That is what tradition means I think, doing things because some one did it once and you keep doing it forever and ever and ever. Laura Jayne is even going to make a seafood lasagna. That sounds a little icky, but I will try it first before I say ewwww. And cheese cake, oh, I like cheese cake. That will be yummy.

I also get to meet Laura Jayne's nieces, Emma and Hannah, on Christmas Eve. So many new friends. Yea!!! Who have you met in Scotland? Are they nice there? Can you understand them or do they speak another language?

Well, I have lots to do now and I just wanted you to know I miss you and am sending you big, big holiday HUGGLES.

Love you,

Thursday, December 18, 2008



Laura Jayne and her sister and I had a good trip to Arizona. Laura Jayne was sad and cried, but she had all her family to huggle and she said that sad is a part of happy. If you love someone you are happy and when you miss them you are sad so you need both of them.

The flying was very exciting. I made sure I knew all the safety issues and was ready to use my seat bottom as a floatation device.

They served peanuts in first class, that was nice, but it made me think of and miss you so much.

I loved seeing outside at the houses, cars and people getting smaller, but once we were up I really loved the clouds.

The bed in the hotel was comfy and people come and make your bed everyday. That is very nice.
We only stayed a very short time and had to get up on Wednesday so very early.

Then it was back to the airport waiting and more waiting and more waiting.

Then on our way home again at last, it was rainy and cold at home William. Is it rainy and cold in Scotland?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Dear William,

Those mice don't sound entirely nice taking your last peanuts like that. But I am so happy that you were able to get your messages to me. I have been worried oh so much about you. Since it is now Monday I am sure Graeme has rescued you by now. I know he has lots of computers for you to type on, but make sure they work first. Laura Jayne says he fixes them so don't use a broken one, that won't work.

I had a nice Sunday. We, Laura Jayne, her hubby and I, went out to a nice lunch. I had a salad, it was very yummy. Make sure you eat your green stuff there in Scotland, and if some one tries to make you eat something called haggis, you might just want to try little tiny nibbles first to see if you like it.

We did a little bit of shopping for Christmas presents but it was cold and rainy so Laura Jayne said we would have to wait to get a tree and put it up in the living room and decorate it. I like pretty ornaments and I am happy I will get to help decorate the tree.

We are going on a plane in just a little bit to fly to Arizona for the memorial for Laura Jayne's grandpa. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I get to go through an X-ray machine so that super security people can see if I have anything in my tummy. I have to take off my shoes too, so I decided I just wouldn't wear any. It is lucky I am a little elephant so there was only a tiny bit of fuss getting me to be able to go on the plane. Laura Jayne said I can sit in her bag with the scarf she is making for Graeme. It is comfy in there with all that pretty, soft yarn. We had to check to make sure the super security people would let her knitting needles on the plane, but they are ok because they are plastic.

Write to me soon. I miss you.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Dearest Martha

Day 3 of my incarceration and I fear Graeme may never come to release me.

How I wish I were back in the land of sunshine with you, instead of this chilled prison.
Did you know that computers come with mice? These mice scared me at first but gradually I have come to befriend them.

Martha, it is these mice that take my tiny peanut scrawled letters to you, they are my only hope of rescue. Alas, they demand a heavy ransom for their services and my tummy now rumbles as the last of the edible peanuts disappeared into their mouse holes.

I have taken all the remaining wra
ppers and scrunched them up into a ball to bounce against the side of the envelope... it keeps me sane, and maybe Graeme will hear it if HE EVER SHOWS UP.... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!

Martha my love, the mice are here to take this letter, and I wonder if I shall get any sleep tonight as they party all damn night, music and singing.... I knew there was a reason elephants hate mice, they make the damndest neighbours.

Yours forever ,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shoes & Haircuts

Hi William,

I gu
ess Graeme hasn't come and got you out of that cold room yet as I haven't heard from you. I hope you are ok in there. I know he will be there on Monday for work so just be a good elephant while you wait. Maybe you can send me a note the same way you did last time? How is your book? Do you have enough light to read by?

Laura Jayne and I had a fun day. We got to sleep in a little bit. Saturday's are good sleeping in days. Especially when you work so hard all week. Then we got ready and went looking for a pretty pair of shoes for the party that Laura Jayne went to tonight. I tried on a few pair, but none seemed to fit me just right. These were my favorite pair thought and maybe I just need to grow a little more before they will fit.

After shopping for party stuff we went to get hair cuts. Laura Jayne just got a little cut off. I just got a little bit of hair snipped on the very top.

Laura Jayne says we need to go to bed now. It is late, I got to stay up and wait 'til Laura Jayne and her hubby got home from the party. Tomorrow we might go get a Christmas tree, I think that will be fun.

Goodnight William, be safe there waiting.


Friday, December 12, 2008

We Water Plants on Friday

Hey William,

I was so happy to get your message. You are such a clever elephant sending it to me. It was nice of them shutting you in a computer room so you could get your note to me on this bloggy. I really really hope that Graeme gets there very soon so you are not all alone too long. And William, do not unplug anything in that room. I am sure it is all very 'portant stuff in there so don't do anything naughty.

Today is the day Laura Jayne waters her plants in her office. Every Friday
she says it is what we do so the plants don't get thirsty. I told Laura Jayne this was something an elephant could be very good at. I put my trunk in the water snuffled lots up and then watered the plants that needed water.

Tomorrow Laura Jayne said she is going to a party, all the people that I have met here at the office are going. Laura Jayne said elephants can't go to this restaurant, but that she would take me shopping with her tomorrow for new shoes for the party. That sounds like fun and I might try on some shoes too.

Well I have to go water one more plant so it isn't thirsty. Taking care of things is a big sponsibility. Laura Jayne said I was a big enough elephant to water the plants for her here at her office and that made me proud.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

as I write this, it is day 10 of my trip and the view is no better than it was when I first left - I'm not sure I believe this is the first class Laura promised, the padding is comfortable, but the windows don't open and there hasn't been a single stewardess the whole flight - but still, I have my peanuts and my photo of you - cant see it in the dark, but I know its of you... I have only peanut bag wrappers to write on, and a peanut barely leaves a legible mark, but I just had to write...

Graeme was due to be here today, I know I arrived because I heard someone say "Looks special, better lock it in his computer room" and then it went all cold and windy and darker and a door went BANG. You told me to stay quiet and not say anything to anyone - I know I don't have a passport - but Martha - I was supposed to jump out and surprise him, and he's NOT HERE.

I cant believe he would miss a day of work- he better have a damn good excuse or I will get grumpy - you know what I'm like when I'm grumpy.... there better be peanuts at the end of this!

If this is 10 days, it must be Thursday.... and I have 3 peanuts left... GRAEME WHERE ARE YOU.

Martha, my wee phone has a camera - here is the view from first class... wish you were here???

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Driving and Gasoline

Dear William,

Weeeeee... look at me, Laura Jayne let me drive for just a little bit. It is a very short street, a cullysack, and there were no other cars for an elephant to run into. It was great fun. I think I am very good at driving a car down cullysacks.

Laura Jayne stopped for gasoline for her car on the way home and I got to help put the gasoline into her car. She says that she is not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that gasoline is coming down, down, down in expensiveness. Her little car doesn't need whole bunches of gasoline, but she says too high or too low, neither one is good for the conome. I wasn't sure what a conome was so I just helped put the gasoline into Laura Jayne's car like she showed me.

Laura Jayne isn't quite as sad right now as she was yesterday and this morning. She cried and cried and I huggled her and she said that helped a lot. She talked and talked and talked today on the telephone and finnaly after all the long phone calls she said we would be going to Arizona next week. We will be with her mom and dad and her sister and her uncles. She has lots of nice family to huggle her and she said that makes her happier when her heart hurts.

I hope you make it to Scotland soon. They might be running out of peanuts for you if it takes much longer. I want you to see this picture of me driving as it was really exciting. Maybe Laura Jayne will let me drive some on the way to Arizona for the memorial for Laura Jayne's Grandpa Bill. It will take a while to get there. We are flying and driving. You went on a plane and now I get to go on a plane. And even though it is a sad reason I am going on a plane I am still excited.

I miss you and love you,