Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey William,

We are up in the mountains today visiting Laura Jayne's mom and dad. Her mom is doing lots better and said we should come visit. So we are. Laura Jayne is going to paint today and Danny is going to build a new hutch for the bunnies.
There was a pretty fuzzy dandelion in the yard so I made a wish for you William. I wished that we could see each other again soon, because I miss you.

Love and huggles,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Award.... Yea!!!

William.... look we got an award from Sullivan McPig!! Wow and thank you Sullivan :)

I hope to never meet a zombie chicken, but still love the award. Here is what the award is all about.

The Zombie Chicken

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken, excellence, grace, and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words.

Sullivan said we don't have to pass it on... and I am glad, cause it kind of scares me all the zombie possibilities.

How are you in Scotland? Anything new and fun going on? Not much here, other than Laura Jayne went on a vacation, but she didn't take me with her. I stayed home in case her Mommy needed me to fix her soup for her not feeling good. She is taking all the medicine the doctors tell her to and she is feeling pretty ok.

Miss you William. Write to me.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out for Some Game Playing

Dearest William,

I am so excited that you were such a help getting Graeme to study hard and pass his test.

Things have been sad around here. Laura Jayne's Mom has been sick and in the hospital. But the doctors are taking good care of her and think she will get well. She came home from the hospital on Thursday night and Laura Jayne went to visit her and had to put on a mask so that she wouldn't give her Mommy germies.

We had some fun this weekend. We went golfing on a big course. I got to be what they call the caddy. Which meant going around and telling Laura Jayne which club to use when and how far away things were. I did a good job and we had a good time walking around and listening to the birds and hitting little tiny balls with big sticks.

This is me tending the flag. It was my job to pull the flag pole out of the hole when the ball came close.

We went to breakfast after walking around and back and forth and around some more on the golf course. It was a really nice day William, I will like playing golf with you when you come home here.
I miss you. Please write again soon.
Huggles and love,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 Weeks is a long time in Education

4 Weeks!!!

Martha!!!! I have been gone so long -but what a lovely holiday you had. I didnt know you could sing - you never sing for me? You looked very Michelle Pfeiffer up there on that piano - I'm told men find her sexy, so thats a compliment.

We've been suffering here Martha, havent been oot o the hoose in nearly a month, we've been studying for our exams - a stack of books here taller than an elephant all had to be crammed into oor little heids

- but we passed - yaaaaaay - and now with the help of "one little beer" all that information is being flushed oot!

We did tak one day aff and I got to meet some new friends - here's me with a friendly wee bear, he didnt bite but I wouldnt invite him round, you wouldnt believe how much he eats.

I then went to a top secret location - Shhhh, cannae tell ye, but it begins with A, and met all these secret agents ... theres a wee hamster and a moose that saves the world, and a dog who wont tell me his real name, says its a number 1 secret...

I think now all this studying is over, we can go oot again soon - I hope so as the sun is shining now and the floories are beginning to appear.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Vacation

Hi William,

While you have been turning even more blue in cold Scotland we went on a cruise on a really big boat to Mexico. It was warm and sunny and lovely. But the whole time I just really wish you were with me. Here are some pictures showing the fun we had.
We arrived in San Diego and took all our bags to the big boat.

When we checked in they had to check all our papers. The certificates that said we were born. But if we weren't born we wouldn't be going on a cruise so I wasn't quite sure about this. But the lady was really nice and soon we were on the ship.

On of the first things we did was relax in the sun. Such a a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Then we checked out the ship. I made sure all the safety stuff was all where it needed to be. An elephant can't be too safe. Laura Jayne said she was proud of me for being safe.

And speaking of safe after the walk but before they would let the ship set out onto the big ocean. We had to have a mustard drill. I don't know why we needed mustard, but we also needed big orange floaty things in case we decide to go swimming or the boat hits an iceburg off the coast of the baja penisula.

Then after the mustard drill the boat started to float out to sea. It was exciting to watch all the other smaller boats go by. This is the window from our room.

The next morning we were in Ensenada, Mexico. There is one important thing to do in Mexico, and it involves drinking lots of fuzzy stuff from green bottles.

So not wanting to offend my new friends in this new country I drank lots of fuzzy stuff until my head got very fuzzy itself.

Later we got back on the boat and had fun there. We played golf, which is fun when the boat is rocking and going up and down and back and forth and the little ball rolls all crazy.

And we played pingy-pong. I was good at pingy-pongy and won two games.

We at a whole lot every day. And lots of good food at dinner. And after dinner we sat and listened to this very nice man sing us songs. He even invited me up and we sang a duet of a pretty song called Norweigan Wood.

I also made some great new friends on the cruise. Every night a new friend would come to stay in our room. By the last night it was a bit crowded, but we had quite fun party. Another elephant came to stay, and a cat and walrus, we had a wonderful time.

Then it was time to go home again. So we waved goodbye to the big boat and drove home. It was such fun William. I would like to go on a cruise with you some day. Do you think you would like that. Maybe to Alaska since you are now so used to it being cold all the time.

I love you William and miss you.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snowy Hearts

I was Sooooo jealous seeing you snowboarding as Scotland seems more suited to watersking in the rain, but then THIS happened - white stuff from the sky!
I've not seen proper snow before so I was a bit nervous about going out... but I put my wee scarf on and hit under the tree while the snow fell.

Everything gets so quiet in the snow - like the entire country has said "shhh" and all you hear is the "crump crump" of feet in fresh snow.

All the kids here, young and old (Graeme!) went out and had a snow ball fight in the street - I kept warm in my matching scarf and threw the old sneakie shot - the wee mice never knew what hit them!

It seems we've started a fashion statement this year as scarfs are all the rage, nae so sure about the hat though, widnae fit over my ears too well...

Alas and woe, the wee scarf kept me warm, but I think I caught a wee snuffle fae the snowball fight, I didnae feel too smart the next day and when they took ma temperature at Elephany Hospital I was a wee bit poorly, I was 21Centipedes which is how they measure things over here - they dont count in Fairyheights like we do, I think this means I was as ill as 69Fairys which is not good. I'm feeling better now tho - peanuts and a week in bed put me to rights.

And I bet you thought I forgot what day this was didnt you??? Miss you Martha.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi William,

Look what we did today. Snowboarding. We went wooshhh and swoshhh all over the mountain. This is when we first got there. I was a wee bit scared at how big the mountain was, but I didn't let anyone see me being a scardy-elephant. And once I tried it I liked it.

We rode up the moutain on these thingies that looked like swings for two people, but since I am a big elephant I got one all to myself so I didn't accidently push anyone off.

Here I am on the snowboard. It takes lots and lots of practice and lots and lots of falling down to be a good woosher and swoosher, but I think I did pretty good.

At the end of the day it was nice just to sit and watch the other people and the snow falling.