Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 Weeks is a long time in Education

4 Weeks!!!

Martha!!!! I have been gone so long -but what a lovely holiday you had. I didnt know you could sing - you never sing for me? You looked very Michelle Pfeiffer up there on that piano - I'm told men find her sexy, so thats a compliment.

We've been suffering here Martha, havent been oot o the hoose in nearly a month, we've been studying for our exams - a stack of books here taller than an elephant all had to be crammed into oor little heids

- but we passed - yaaaaaay - and now with the help of "one little beer" all that information is being flushed oot!

We did tak one day aff and I got to meet some new friends - here's me with a friendly wee bear, he didnt bite but I wouldnt invite him round, you wouldnt believe how much he eats.

I then went to a top secret location - Shhhh, cannae tell ye, but it begins with A, and met all these secret agents ... theres a wee hamster and a moose that saves the world, and a dog who wont tell me his real name, says its a number 1 secret...

I think now all this studying is over, we can go oot again soon - I hope so as the sun is shining now and the floories are beginning to appear.


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