Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Driving and Gasoline

Dear William,

Weeeeee... look at me, Laura Jayne let me drive for just a little bit. It is a very short street, a cullysack, and there were no other cars for an elephant to run into. It was great fun. I think I am very good at driving a car down cullysacks.

Laura Jayne stopped for gasoline for her car on the way home and I got to help put the gasoline into her car. She says that she is not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that gasoline is coming down, down, down in expensiveness. Her little car doesn't need whole bunches of gasoline, but she says too high or too low, neither one is good for the conome. I wasn't sure what a conome was so I just helped put the gasoline into Laura Jayne's car like she showed me.

Laura Jayne isn't quite as sad right now as she was yesterday and this morning. She cried and cried and I huggled her and she said that helped a lot. She talked and talked and talked today on the telephone and finnaly after all the long phone calls she said we would be going to Arizona next week. We will be with her mom and dad and her sister and her uncles. She has lots of nice family to huggle her and she said that makes her happier when her heart hurts.

I hope you make it to Scotland soon. They might be running out of peanuts for you if it takes much longer. I want you to see this picture of me driving as it was really exciting. Maybe Laura Jayne will let me drive some on the way to Arizona for the memorial for Laura Jayne's Grandpa Bill. It will take a while to get there. We are flying and driving. You went on a plane and now I get to go on a plane. And even though it is a sad reason I am going on a plane I am still excited.

I miss you and love you,

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