Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shoes & Haircuts

Hi William,

I gu
ess Graeme hasn't come and got you out of that cold room yet as I haven't heard from you. I hope you are ok in there. I know he will be there on Monday for work so just be a good elephant while you wait. Maybe you can send me a note the same way you did last time? How is your book? Do you have enough light to read by?

Laura Jayne and I had a fun day. We got to sleep in a little bit. Saturday's are good sleeping in days. Especially when you work so hard all week. Then we got ready and went looking for a pretty pair of shoes for the party that Laura Jayne went to tonight. I tried on a few pair, but none seemed to fit me just right. These were my favorite pair thought and maybe I just need to grow a little more before they will fit.

After shopping for party stuff we went to get hair cuts. Laura Jayne just got a little cut off. I just got a little bit of hair snipped on the very top.

Laura Jayne says we need to go to bed now. It is late, I got to stay up and wait 'til Laura Jayne and her hubby got home from the party. Tomorrow we might go get a Christmas tree, I think that will be fun.

Goodnight William, be safe there waiting.


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