Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day in the Dark!

Merry Christmas Martha!

We went out into the darkness on Christmas day and down to the bay to listen to the waves as the tide came in. Aberdeen is totally grey just now, day or night, and the sun only peeks out for a few hours a day, which just makes the grey lighter or darker.

They say people here never look up because theres no point - Graeme says it always looks like a computer game on a slow computer - no time to fill in the details in the sky.

Anyway, we sat for a while in the dark listening to the sea and the birds cawing as they settled down for the night.
So Dark only the lighthouse could be seen

The lighthouse lit me up so you can see me!

Elephants cant swim, or "Poor wee bugger will get drookit" as they say here, so we went through the compulsory life saving drill first before going along the shore.

Further along the shore we found this spooky old building and he wondered off and came back and told me to get the camera ready as the Ghosts were going to give Martha a Christmas greeting- then your name appeared in the air.

Yikes! Graeme Says its Okay, these are the Ghosts of Christmas Presents, so dont be scared (I was brave - only hid a little)

Time for bed Martha!! x

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