Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Dear William,

Those mice don't sound entirely nice taking your last peanuts like that. But I am so happy that you were able to get your messages to me. I have been worried oh so much about you. Since it is now Monday I am sure Graeme has rescued you by now. I know he has lots of computers for you to type on, but make sure they work first. Laura Jayne says he fixes them so don't use a broken one, that won't work.

I had a nice Sunday. We, Laura Jayne, her hubby and I, went out to a nice lunch. I had a salad, it was very yummy. Make sure you eat your green stuff there in Scotland, and if some one tries to make you eat something called haggis, you might just want to try little tiny nibbles first to see if you like it.

We did a little bit of shopping for Christmas presents but it was cold and rainy so Laura Jayne said we would have to wait to get a tree and put it up in the living room and decorate it. I like pretty ornaments and I am happy I will get to help decorate the tree.

We are going on a plane in just a little bit to fly to Arizona for the memorial for Laura Jayne's grandpa. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I get to go through an X-ray machine so that super security people can see if I have anything in my tummy. I have to take off my shoes too, so I decided I just wouldn't wear any. It is lucky I am a little elephant so there was only a tiny bit of fuss getting me to be able to go on the plane. Laura Jayne said I can sit in her bag with the scarf she is making for Graeme. It is comfy in there with all that pretty, soft yarn. We had to check to make sure the super security people would let her knitting needles on the plane, but they are ok because they are plastic.

Write to me soon. I miss you.


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