Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Dearest Martha

Day 3 of my incarceration and I fear Graeme may never come to release me.

How I wish I were back in the land of sunshine with you, instead of this chilled prison.
Did you know that computers come with mice? These mice scared me at first but gradually I have come to befriend them.

Martha, it is these mice that take my tiny peanut scrawled letters to you, they are my only hope of rescue. Alas, they demand a heavy ransom for their services and my tummy now rumbles as the last of the edible peanuts disappeared into their mouse holes.

I have taken all the remaining wra
ppers and scrunched them up into a ball to bounce against the side of the envelope... it keeps me sane, and maybe Graeme will hear it if HE EVER SHOWS UP.... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!

Martha my love, the mice are here to take this letter, and I wonder if I shall get any sleep tonight as they party all damn night, music and singing.... I knew there was a reason elephants hate mice, they make the damndest neighbours.

Yours forever ,


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