Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Ready

Hi William,

It is almost time for Christmas. I am very excited. I helped decorate the tree this year. Aren't all the ornaments pretty? Laura Jayne and Hubby finally finished all their shopping. There is even a wee present under the tree for me. I so wonder what it is, but I didn't peak.

Are you having lots of fun there? Is it very, very, very cold? I know you and Graeme are busy and going to Graeme mum and dad's house for Christmas. They live by the sea Laura Jayne said. California is by the sea, Scotland is by the sea. See we are just a little bit of water apart.

We will be going to Laura Jayne's sister Sara's house on Christmas Eve. Do you remember Sara, she was very nice and is now my friend after we went to Arizona together? I get to help make
the lasagna for the dinner. I don't know why it is tradition to make lasagna on Christmas Eve, but it is so we have to. That is what tradition means I think, doing things because some one did it once and you keep doing it forever and ever and ever. Laura Jayne is even going to make a seafood lasagna. That sounds a little icky, but I will try it first before I say ewwww. And cheese cake, oh, I like cheese cake. That will be yummy.

I also get to meet Laura Jayne's nieces, Emma and Hannah, on Christmas Eve. So many new friends. Yea!!! Who have you met in Scotland? Are they nice there? Can you understand them or do they speak another language?

Well, I have lots to do now and I just wanted you to know I miss you and am sending you big, big holiday HUGGLES.

Love you,

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