Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Ok, so its not quite for you yet, but we are already so far into 2009 we can talk about "last year" and mean it!

We went out and about today, but the rest of Aberdeen seemed to be heading to some big party, we had the entire bus to ourselves - even enough space for an elephant to get a seat to himself - here's me looking at a lovely restaurant, but the hint wasnt taken... sigh, beans on toast again tonight then.

Hogmanay over here is very very noisy. Some fireworks go up, and then they are completly drowned out by the noise of the ships in the harbour who all sound their horns - Hooooot Hooooot Blaaaasssst - this goes on for ages and nothing else can be heard, they are over a mile away, its noisy and beautiful.

Graeme said that the first foot over your doorstep in Scotland has to be tall, dark and handsome - well, what is taller and darker than a Blue Elephant? And Handsome - I think the evidence speaks for itself - so I got to be the first footer for his family this year - I hope I bring them luck, as I couldnt bring them coal or shortie or even a wee nip of whisky, but I did bring in the Broons and Oor Wullie (no, dont ask me).. I also brought his Mum in with me..

In 8 hours, Happy New Year everyone over there! - Hae a Braw Year A'body

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