Thursday, December 18, 2008



Laura Jayne and her sister and I had a good trip to Arizona. Laura Jayne was sad and cried, but she had all her family to huggle and she said that sad is a part of happy. If you love someone you are happy and when you miss them you are sad so you need both of them.

The flying was very exciting. I made sure I knew all the safety issues and was ready to use my seat bottom as a floatation device.

They served peanuts in first class, that was nice, but it made me think of and miss you so much.

I loved seeing outside at the houses, cars and people getting smaller, but once we were up I really loved the clouds.

The bed in the hotel was comfy and people come and make your bed everyday. That is very nice.
We only stayed a very short time and had to get up on Wednesday so very early.

Then it was back to the airport waiting and more waiting and more waiting.

Then on our way home again at last, it was rainy and cold at home William. Is it rainy and cold in Scotland?

Hope to hear from you soon.


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