Thursday, December 25, 2008


FREEDOM! Release from the padded prison of 1st class air travel (Laura - I will stomp on you!)

My first task was to catch up on you Martha... I snuck onto one of the dozens of half working computers that fill this room and went looking for you - I cant help but notice that 1st class air travel for you seemed slightly different than for me.
I miss you... even though I can see you are happy.

This is Sparrow, Graemes wee computer, its perfect sized for tiny elephant feet but big enough so that I can hide behind it when he turns round to do some work.

He says I am quite the saddest elephant he has ever seen, but then I dont know how many elephants he sees every day, certainly there do not seem to be many in the cars when we drive to work.

Marth, there is a lot to do to fix his broken spirit, I've started with the boot camp approach, get him up early in the morning, make sure he exercises, stop him lazing around.
If he tries and hit the snoozes button, he gets a tusk in his hand as a gentle reminder...

When he is watching TV at night, I sneak up and change it to the Gaelic channel, and that gets him so wound up he goes out for a walk -perfect!

Then he often leaves without picking me up, so I sneak into his backpack.. you would think that people in his office would notice, wouldnt you ? Maybe carrying an elephant on your back is the new fashion?

I have also become a bit of a computer expert in my spare time while Graeme is in meetings. This is me diagnosing the congestion on the internet link - I suggested getting a bigger trunk, but they just said "typical elephant" - what do they mean???

We are leaving for Christmas at his parents now, I will write again soon - Love you Martha.

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