Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry and Happy

Merry Christmas William!!

I had a really fun time at Christmas this year. We did go over to Sara's house on Christmas Eve
and I got to help Laura Jayne cook dinner. We had lasagna with red sauce that had spicy sausage in it. And lasagna with lots of fishes in it. There was white fishes, and pink fishes, and some weird things that didn't look like fishes at all and had claws. I was really careful with the knife when I cut up the onions, but then I started crying and I wasn't even sad. All the food was yummy even with mushrooms and olives and fishes inside.

Before we ate dinner I got to play with Hannah and Emma. They are great new friends now and I had such a bunch of fun playing. They have lots and lots of toys and fun stuff to play with.

I also got to help Laura Jayne's momma visit bloggies. We wrote on the bloggies. I got to help when words got spelled wrong and to tell her what bloggies Laura Jayne has made posts on so she could go and say nice things. Laura Jayne's momma likes to write as much as Laura Jayne.

This is Laura Jayne, Hubby and me after eating all that lasagna. We all were so very full and happy and merry. I like a Merry Christmas that is actually merry. Because merry means that no one cried except over onions and no one got into a fight except when someone picked all the mushrooms out of the lasagna and sighed, but Laura Jayne was only a smidgey upset about that and when she came back inside everybody laughed and smiled again.

Christmas morning we made breakfast at home and all the kids, Matthew, Aimee, Jessica and Mitch all were there at the table and ate pancakes and lots of other yummy breakfast stuff. Then we went into the living room to open presents. Look William I got the prettiest new scarf. It makes me think of you because it is the same colors as the flag of Scotland. Laura Jayne made it for me herself. Those are the best present, ones people make for you.

These are the kids opening their present and the boy that is Jessica's friend. Paper was flying all over as all the presents got opened. Everyone was happy and merry.

Laura Jayne got a new pink robe and we laughed because now she looks just like me.
So I am happy and merry and love my new scarf and miss you. I loved getting your message and pictures. Graeme is lucky that you are making sure he gets happy and healthy. And I am so proud that you are being smart at Graeme's work and helping solve computer problems.

I hope you are having fun in Aberdeen by the sea visiting Graeme's momma and dad.

Love and huggles,

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