Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi William,

I was so happy to see you again. You look cold and wet, but still the handsome elephant I miss so very much.
We had fun last night. Laura Jayne said it was a very long, very not happy week at work and that going out on Friday night for fun is part of what makes going to work all week and not having fun bearable.

We went to an ice hockey game. I had never seen this before. Skating on ice seems like it would be lots and lots of fun, but these boys slide all around on the ice chasing a little black thingy with sticks and they hit each other a whole lot. The object of the game is to get the little black thingy in the little net at one end of the ice by hitting it with your stick. But the other boys are trying to stop you from doing that. And they get mean sometimes too. They flip and slide and hit and hit some more. They smoosh each other on the edges of the ice where the people sit and the people get all excited (and sort of mean too). But once I understood that part of the game is to be mean, well I just decided if they wanted to play that way I would just sit back and cheer for them and hope no one got too owied. And no one did. They have lots of padding on and skate really good.

Part of the fun of the night was the getting to eat really good bad for you food. We had hot dogs and chippies and bubbly sweet drinks that tickled my trunk, and squishy pretzels with lots of salt, and more hot dogs (which really aren't dogs at all). Oh, and peanuts, I had a whole bag of peanuts all for myself. I had a wee tummy ache by the end of all of it.

I learned a new word last night too. Zamboni. It is a car like thingy that goes
round and round and round on the ice squooshing out water so the ice is all smooth again. Oh, and it was cooooolllldddd at the arena so that the ice wouldn't melt. Me and Laura Jayne shivered a
little bit, but not too much. She was silly and wore flippy-floppy shoes so she said her toes got cold.

Today we are going back to visit Hannah and Emma, Laura Jayne's nieces. It is Hannah's birthday party, she is three now. There will be games and cake. I am excited.

What are you doing today?


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