Sunday, January 25, 2009

You are my sunshine... my only sunshine

Sunshine and Smiles...

Things are definitely looking up, in fact people are looking to the skies for the first time and asking "what is that bright yellow thing".. I took the opportunity to do some sunbathing in a nearby tree. When people visit Africa and wonder where all the elephants are, why do they never look in the trees?

Here's me in a normal tourist pose in Edinburgh with the castle behind me, "normal" tourists would then goto the castle, but apparently that "costs bl**dy money" which makes is impossible and made Graeme all grumpy when I pressed him!

However, sunlight is free, and we had loads today.. I'm not sure if Graeme is smiling because the sun is nice or because its cheap. (yes, that is a smile apparently)

Once it had turned all cold and dark again we went for Coffee and Cake with his friend , they saved me a bit of "carrot cake" but I just snorted at them - CARROTS - do I look like a donkey?? Nae fool me, I'll hold off until theres chocolate and peanut cake on offer.

So Martha, what did you write yesterday? Was it the fantasy of the elephant that can fly (we've both done that now) or was it a poem of Scotch Mist, or a song even - we haven't sang for so very long and as you know, we elephants can provide our own horn sections.

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