Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi William,

You look so happy there in the sunshine. And Graeme was smiling too, did you tickle him? I love the castle too. Maybe one day we can go together there. Laura Jayne doesn't mind spending money once in a while so she will pay and just make Graeme go even if he is grumpy.

I had a great time at Laura Jayne's writing group. We wrote stuff and read stuff and met a writer guy who talked to us about writery stuff.

I was helping Laura Jayne make sure her words were all spelled right here, I am not the best speller but I try hard and that is what counts Laura says. And then later I wrote my own poem. Kathryn who is very nice and says to us what we might want to write about, said to think about reaching for something that you always know it is there and it not being there. That got me thinking about reaching for you William and so I wrote this.

His blue trunk I miss
huggling my wee pink trunk
My heart misses him

It is called a Haiku. You are usually supposed to write about nature and stuff, but we are elephants and we come from the wild so maybe that is naturey enough. Haiku have a certain number of sibbles. That is how things sound if you count them on your fingers. Like... el-a-phant has three sibbles. A Haiku has 5-7-5 sibbles and I counted them right for your poem William.

Huggles to you and I do miss you.


Sullivan McPig said...

I love your haiku! Haiku are my favourite poems.

katwilkens said...

It was nice meeting you, Martha. You are a lovely shade of pink. You are smaller than I thought you would be. You wrote a good haiku! Thanks for attending our meeting on Saturday! Next time bring the blue guy.

floris said...

Hi Martha,

I absolutely adore your writings and the kind words you share with your friend nearby me in Europe. You should continue writing poetry - it keeps your spirit up and your thoughts shared.