Saturday, January 3, 2009

Out and About Today

Hi William,

We are having a nice time in the mountains even though it was cold and cloudy today. We went down into town. There were lots of people walking all over into the little shops where you can buy t-shirts, and silly stuff.

There are lots of big green trees that look like giant Christmas trees. And the clouds were very low and I was glad to have my new pink scarf. Brrrrr.

We went to the grocery store to get food to make to eat during the football game. Now don't get confused William, this is American football. The kind where you can touch ball a lot. Not the kind where you can only touch the ball with your feet that they call soccer here but I know they call football in Scotland. We got stuff to make chili, which isn't chilly at all it is really hot and spicy, and stuff to make guacamole, which is green yummy on chippies, and stuff to make corn bread, which doesn't look like it has corn in it.

I thought we should get some of these cuppy cakes that looked very yummy. But we didn't, darn it.

After the groceries we went and painted these cups at a little place that you pick out the bare white pieces of pottery and paint any pretty design you want. Laura Jayne and I worked on this one that looks kind of like a watermelon. Green on the outside and we painted it red on the inside.

When we got back from being out all day I was tired and me and the kitty took a really nice nap where it was very nice and warm.

Now we are eating chili and cornbread and watching football. We are cheering for the Chargers. They are the ones in blue. There is lots of yelling and cheering and clapping. Sports are fun and Laura Jayne and Hubby and Mom and Dad are having fun and I am having fun.

I hope you are having fun William.

Huggles and more huggles,

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