Friday, January 16, 2009

Nemo the Elephant

Martha - I'm not sure Elephants were meant for snow - surely your trunk was freezing? Or is the scarf warm?

The full size version of your scarf arrived here - G says "mmmmf mfff mmmf mm" when he goes out with it on, which I guess means "toasty cosy in here"

And cosy it has to be - he keeps taking me out and we have travelled the central belt of the Scotland looking for the mythical "dry bit" but as you can see, it is never to be. I let him get out of the car to test the waters, I'm nae so feel as they say!

I have been making a difference here Martha my quine, there are smiles on the loons face and a genuine laugh - everyone needs an Elephant, even if just to hold their brollies. If this keeps up, America..... and Martha.....

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