Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowman and Roses and Water Bottles

Hi William,

I heard that it is snowing in Scotland today!!! Yea!! Snow is so wonderful as long as you are all wrapped up warm. This is one last picture from the moutains. It was a pretty snowman the first day, but this is the second day and it sort of melted and lost its eyes and nose. Poor snowman.

We are back home now. I am keeping Hubby company as he is off work for a couple days. We went to antique stores yesterday and bought Laura Jayne a present. She has a BIG glass water bottle where she keeps all the roses Hubby ever gives to her after she lets them dry. Somebody, or maybe it was nobody, or maybe it was one of the doggies, well nobody is telling so not really sure, but nobody or somebody broke her BIG glass water bottle and all the roses were on the floor. So me and Hubby went and got her a new one and put every rose into the new bottle. Laura Jayne was very happy and gave Hubby big huggles for being so sweet.

Huggles to you William,

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