Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out for Some Game Playing

Dearest William,

I am so excited that you were such a help getting Graeme to study hard and pass his test.

Things have been sad around here. Laura Jayne's Mom has been sick and in the hospital. But the doctors are taking good care of her and think she will get well. She came home from the hospital on Thursday night and Laura Jayne went to visit her and had to put on a mask so that she wouldn't give her Mommy germies.

We had some fun this weekend. We went golfing on a big course. I got to be what they call the caddy. Which meant going around and telling Laura Jayne which club to use when and how far away things were. I did a good job and we had a good time walking around and listening to the birds and hitting little tiny balls with big sticks.

This is me tending the flag. It was my job to pull the flag pole out of the hole when the ball came close.

We went to breakfast after walking around and back and forth and around some more on the golf course. It was a really nice day William, I will like playing golf with you when you come home here.
I miss you. Please write again soon.
Huggles and love,

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Sullivan McPig said...

Just wanted both of you to know I gave your blog The zombie Chicken Award.