Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Vacation

Hi William,

While you have been turning even more blue in cold Scotland we went on a cruise on a really big boat to Mexico. It was warm and sunny and lovely. But the whole time I just really wish you were with me. Here are some pictures showing the fun we had.
We arrived in San Diego and took all our bags to the big boat.

When we checked in they had to check all our papers. The certificates that said we were born. But if we weren't born we wouldn't be going on a cruise so I wasn't quite sure about this. But the lady was really nice and soon we were on the ship.

On of the first things we did was relax in the sun. Such a a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Then we checked out the ship. I made sure all the safety stuff was all where it needed to be. An elephant can't be too safe. Laura Jayne said she was proud of me for being safe.

And speaking of safe after the walk but before they would let the ship set out onto the big ocean. We had to have a mustard drill. I don't know why we needed mustard, but we also needed big orange floaty things in case we decide to go swimming or the boat hits an iceburg off the coast of the baja penisula.

Then after the mustard drill the boat started to float out to sea. It was exciting to watch all the other smaller boats go by. This is the window from our room.

The next morning we were in Ensenada, Mexico. There is one important thing to do in Mexico, and it involves drinking lots of fuzzy stuff from green bottles.

So not wanting to offend my new friends in this new country I drank lots of fuzzy stuff until my head got very fuzzy itself.

Later we got back on the boat and had fun there. We played golf, which is fun when the boat is rocking and going up and down and back and forth and the little ball rolls all crazy.

And we played pingy-pong. I was good at pingy-pongy and won two games.

We at a whole lot every day. And lots of good food at dinner. And after dinner we sat and listened to this very nice man sing us songs. He even invited me up and we sang a duet of a pretty song called Norweigan Wood.

I also made some great new friends on the cruise. Every night a new friend would come to stay in our room. By the last night it was a bit crowded, but we had quite fun party. Another elephant came to stay, and a cat and walrus, we had a wonderful time.

Then it was time to go home again. So we waved goodbye to the big boat and drove home. It was such fun William. I would like to go on a cruise with you some day. Do you think you would like that. Maybe to Alaska since you are now so used to it being cold all the time.

I love you William and miss you.



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Sullivan McPig said...

Hmmm... mustard, sounds like a great plan to include mustard in a drill. And the fuzzy drinks look tempting. I must try to convince my owner too make a trip like that some day.