Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snowy Hearts

I was Sooooo jealous seeing you snowboarding as Scotland seems more suited to watersking in the rain, but then THIS happened - white stuff from the sky!
I've not seen proper snow before so I was a bit nervous about going out... but I put my wee scarf on and hit under the tree while the snow fell.

Everything gets so quiet in the snow - like the entire country has said "shhh" and all you hear is the "crump crump" of feet in fresh snow.

All the kids here, young and old (Graeme!) went out and had a snow ball fight in the street - I kept warm in my matching scarf and threw the old sneakie shot - the wee mice never knew what hit them!

It seems we've started a fashion statement this year as scarfs are all the rage, nae so sure about the hat though, widnae fit over my ears too well...

Alas and woe, the wee scarf kept me warm, but I think I caught a wee snuffle fae the snowball fight, I didnae feel too smart the next day and when they took ma temperature at Elephany Hospital I was a wee bit poorly, I was 21Centipedes which is how they measure things over here - they dont count in Fairyheights like we do, I think this means I was as ill as 69Fairys which is not good. I'm feeling better now tho - peanuts and a week in bed put me to rights.

And I bet you thought I forgot what day this was didnt you??? Miss you Martha.

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Laura Jayne said...


We are having a wonderful time on the ocean. I will write to you soon. xxoo